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Folk Art International Foundation provides an invaluable resource for educators through its multi-cultural outreach program, Folk Art International Resources for Education. This non-profit program lends masks, puppets, textiles, musical instruments and other examples of folk and ethnic art to schools, museums, and art centers in Northern California. Organized by theme or culture, the resource kits also include children's literature, reference books, slides, tapes, and teaching guides. Through these "hands-on" collections, students and teachers actively explore the rich artistic traditions of Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

Teaching kits on masks, puppets, folk toys, and quilting traditions, as well as celebration kits for Mexican Day of the Dead and Chinese Lunar New Year are available for loan. Cultural discovery kits focus on Africa, China, Indonesia, and Mexico. Environmental kits include:

Tropical Rainforests: The Web of Life
East Africa: Life on the Savannah
Australia: The Dream Time

FAIRE's staff will work with teachers to develop customized resource materials. All resources, kits, and materials are available to Northern California schools and educational facilities only, and require advance reservations. Please call, write, or fax for further information.

Folk Art International for Education (FAIRE)
Frank Lloyd Wright Building
140 Maiden Lane
San Francisco, CA 94108
Phone: (415) 984-5854 Fax: (415) 984-5857

Contact: Sue Gartley, Project Director


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